'Teen Wolf' Poll: Will Malia Flee Scott's Pack Now That She Knows She's A Hale?

The hit list revealed her roots -- and she didn't look too pleased.

You would think it couldn't get worse than finding your name on a hit list, but now that Malia's finally gotten a glimpse at The Benefactor's dead pool, she's had to digest even more unsettling information.

On tonight's "Teen Wolf" episode, a man disguised as a PSAT proctor turned out to be the latest assassin who had Scott, Kira and their supernatural friends in his sights, and for awhile, it looked like he'd succeed at bumping them off. The killer released a toxin into the air that was designed to take out werewolves, kitsunes and any other bestiary feature, and slowly, each became very, very sick.

Thankfully, as usual, Dr. Deaton had the answers, and after questioning Satomi, an Alpha Wolf who had somehow avoided being killed by the infection in a separate attack, the doc realized that the antidote was an ingredient in Satomi's favorite tea: reishi. By drinking it for years, she had unknowingly vaccinated herself, and Derek pointed out that there was some left in his vault, where Scott, Kira, Malia and Stiles had stowed themselves away.

It was a close call, but the gang ultimately got the message, and just when it looked like they were goners, the reishi revived them. Unfortunately, the healing came at a cost, and when Malia regained her sight -- which she'd lost as a symptom of being poisoned -- she saw The Benefactor's hit list for the first time with her own eyes, including her real last name: Hale. The only identity she'd ever known was Malia Tate, and when she realized Stiles was aware that she was Peter's daughter (she found the document in his pocket, after all), she stormed off.

Though Malia previously vowed to never leave Stiles behind, it looks like she's been hurt enough to turn her back on him and Scott. Thus far, she's been a loyal member of Scott's pack, but at her core, she is just a lone werecoyote. So do you think she'll return to her solitary roots?

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