Rihanna's New Green ’Do Definitely Glows In The Dark

Glow bright like a diamond.

Rihanna with green hair?! Rihanna with green hair. Don't freak out, you guys, but Rihanna just dropped the most recent ad in her MAC Viva Glam campaign and she has gone green. She's even matched her high-waisted skirt and crop top to her hair. Wow.


The last Viva Glam ad featured a topless Rihanna, but seeing Rih with bright-green hair is, in a way, more shocking. Sure, she changes her hair all the time, but in the past she's steered clear of green. Maybe her pal Katy told her to try it out?


Rih released the ad and tweeted that it was coming in September, so does that mean new products are coming with? Yep! There will be a new Viva Glam lipstick and lip gloss that are also dropping in September and, as always, the proceeds will go to those affected by HIV/AIDS.

You'll be able to buy the new products online on September 8 and in store on September 11, but you may as well keep a tab in your browser dedicated to Rihanna's Twitter until then—her MAC products have a tendency to sell out. Fast.