7 Reasons Keke Palmer Is The Perfect ‘Cinderella’

Broadway's first-ever black Cinderella is a great choice. Here's why.

When you’re Keke Palmer, impressive actress and doer-of-all-of-the-things, most days are good days to be you. But Monday was a particularly exciting one as it was announced that the actress and youngest talk show host, ever, would be tapped to play the titular “Cinderella” on Broadway. She makes her debut on September 9th (so soon)!

This will be the first time a black actress will play the role on the Great White Way and we, personally, couldn’t be more pleased with their selection. Though we imagine some of you out there may have some questions and/or misgivings because, well, this IS the Internet we’re talking about. But let’s just put those all to rest tout de suite.

Can the singer/dancer/actor/multi-hyphenate 20-year-old handle the role and gravity that comes with shouldering an entire theater production on one’s shoulders? Um, that comes with a resounding “duh!” Because Palmer is a veritable force. And not that you should really need any more convincing, but just in case, we’ve compiled a few of the reasons for you.

1. She Can Sing …And Dance!
Sure, she may be well known as an actress first but Palmer can seriously sing. And we’re not just talking about her time in “Joyful Noise,” though that works, too. Palmer put out her first album, the light and R&Breezy “So Uncool” in 2007, following it up with three mixtapes in 2011 and 2012.

Here’s one of her most popular tunes, “Love You, Hate You.” Surely with the ability to dance like that she can tackle a bit of Broadway soft-shoeing, no?

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