Watch This Man's Epic, Painful Swan Selfie Fail

It backfires. Literally.

Sometimes, when you try to take a snap of nature, nature snaps back. At least, that was the case when Steven Takata's brother-in-law attempted to take a selfie with a trumpeter swan at Great Bend Zoo in Kansas.

"He was trying to get the picture to send to his friend that got attacked by one years earlier to show him they weren't that bad. It didn't turn out exactly as he planned," Takata wrote on his YouTube page.

Ah irony, thy name is grumpy trumpeter. Takata's hilarious video captures the entire ordeal.

At least his brother-in-law has this shot to produce as evidence every time he recalls the tumultuous tale whilst "Jaws"-style unveiling the bite scar on his back.


Which reminds us...