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Lorde's 'Royals' Is A Very Effective Cattle Call

I could listen to that song until the cows -- oh, wait, they're here.

Few musicians can claim to have every demographic on lock, but Lorde would be totally justified if she said that her #1 hit "Royals" was a universal jam. I mean, she's apparently nabbed the coveted bovine contingent -- which falls right after dancing babies and right before cats in relative importance when it comes to the anatomy of a hit.

The below video proves that even cows like Ella, as a farmer busts out a rendition of "Royals" on trombone that causes a herd of cattle to amble toward him as if being called to the promised land by an angel's dulcet lilting. But, you know, with more flatulent toots.

Check it out below. I think these cows have bested even the "Lorde Of The Dance" when it comes to moo'ving to that most immortal of jams:

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