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Taylor Swift Unlocks The 'First Clue' To Her Album

Soothsayer Swift tells us that 18 is significant. Cue the guessing game!

Stop what you're doing, and take a look at Taylor Swift's instagram. Nevermind, we'll bring it to you:

What the hell is that? Is this some kind of album teaser? What does this even mean? How is this a hint, Taylor?

All the singer said was "So, here's your first clue..." and posted a video of her perfectly polished index finger prodding an elevator button as if we're all freaking plaid-wearing detectives with monocles and tobacco pipes.

Obviously, she's talking about her album, and obviously the number 18 is of significance.

Is "18" the album title? Like how Adele names her albums have her age? No. Taylor is 24, so that wouldn't work.

Is "18" the follow-up to "22"? No, because if you're singing in chronological order, that wouldn't make sense. You don't need an abacus to know that. But ohhh... maybe it's a follow-up to "Fifteen."

Maybe it's the number of songs on her upcoming album? Hope so! 18 is a lot.

Perhaps it's a release date? August 18? September 18? Soon, please.

As for what we do know about Taylor's fifth studio album: This project is Swift's "favorite thing that I’ve ever created." During a press conference in Shanghai, China, she said that once she was done with the Red Tour, she'd finally focus on finishing up her next project, and we're thinking that next project will show its head pretty soon.

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