So...What Exactly Is On The 'Teen Wolf' Benefactor's Cassette Tapes?

Kate and Garrett have both gotten 'em, but they remain a mystery.

Got an old-school cassette player tucked away in your attic or basement? If last week's "Teen Wolf" episode is any indication, you should probably just let it keep collecting dust...

The Benefactor, who's been hiring assassins to off all of Beacon Hills' supernatural creatures, has apparently been leaving his killers cassette tapes. And when Kate Argent woke up in a car, she happened to find one of the audio devices tucked in the stereo system. When she pressed play, it began to recount the history of werewolf transformations and the significance of the triskelion.

Later, Kate, who was still hazy about why the tape was there or what it meant, stumbled upon a man with a link to The Benefactor. And though he claimed to have answers about the tape (there were more, he insisted), Kate's werejaguar rage took over before he could talk, and she killed him. Consequently, Kate was left in the dark about the contents of the other tapes he alluded to.

Back at the McCall household, when Scott emptied the contents of assassin Garrett's duffle bag onto his bedroom floor, he found one of the very same tapes (it, like Kate's, read "Play Me") among the heaps of cash Garrett had collected for his kills. The Alpha Wolf has yet to play it, but we're willing to bet it's not full of uplifting show tunes.

Whaddya think -- what's on The Benefactor's tapes, and what is Scott about to find? Give your best guess, and be sure to tune in to the next "Teen Wolf" episode tonight at 10/9c!

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