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Here's The Rick Ross Sex Scene You've Always Wished For: Watch 'What A Shame'

Plus, he drops a new video for 'Supreme.'

Here's something you don't see everyday: Rick Ross in a love scene. A semi-explicit one, too.

That's what Rozay treats us to in the opening moments of his "What A Shame" video, featuring French Montana. As Ricky gives his lady some tender loving care, The Weeknd's silky vocals from "In Vein," another Mastermind track, play in the background.

But then Ross gets a call, and he hops out of bed to handle some business (the opening scene is reminiscent of Biggie's "Warning"). But as soon as he's gone, the woman he was with picks up the phone, makes a call, and confirms something to the man on the other end: "The play is in motion." Someone's out to get Rozay, but he's out to get them, too. We'll let you guess the outcome.

The Miami native also dropped the "Surpeme" video over the weekend, where he's joined by Meek Mill and some other lucky friends to live it up on South Beach.