Let Stephen Colbert Sort Out Your Boy Problems

No, really. He gives pretty good advice.

As if we didn't already love Stephen Colbert into little itty bitty pieces, he has to go and break our hearts with kindness and proof that there are nice things on this world still. Happiness is real, everyone!

Colbert took his turn on Rookie Magazine's Ask A Grown Man video series, in which readers write in with their life questions and real life grown-ups weigh in with their honest opinions.

The comedian/late night host, who will take over for David Letterman when he gives up his "Late Night" throne, offered earnest advice on how to know if someone likes you, whether boys truly are misogynistic or if they're just trying to be funny, and disapproving dads.

"Approval of a boyfriend is not the same thing as sort of giving you carte blanche in terms of approving of a sexual relationship with him," Colbert advised a 19-year-old letter writer whose father wouldn't let her spend the night at her boyfriend's house.

"I'm sure that answer did not go over great with everyone, but what do you want?" Colbert despaired after one answer.

Here's what we want: For Colbert to be our personal sounding board. Dude is cool and smart, and we like the way he thinks.

Check out the video below.