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People In L.A. Called 911 Because Facebook Stopped Working

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Pop quiz: Which of these catastrophes merits a 911 call?

a. Someone has just been shot

b. You are trapped in a burning building

c. Facebook is down I REPEAT FACEBOOK IS DOWN

If you answered "C," you're an embarrassment to humanity -- but sadly, you’re also not alone. Last Friday, when Facebook was down for a mere 31 minutes, numerous people in Los Angeles actually reported it to the police. Yep, instead of shrugging it off and waiting it out like a normal person, these sad souls COULD. NOT. EVEN.

And no, this was not a joke like when you used to prank call your neighbors about catching their refrigerators. These people were 100% legitimately concerned about the outage, and police were not happy about it.

A sergeant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department even took to Twitter to vent it out:

You tell ‘em, Sarge. He didn’t say how many culprits there were who called in, but the fact that he even had to issue an announcement about it is a total “#smh” moment. C’mon, guys, don't waste emergency operators' time -- no one needs to read your lame status updates THAT badly.