Kesha’s Transformation Into A Rainbow Is Almost Complete

Sunday night = hair-dye night for Kesha, y’all. While some of us may mourn the end of the weekend and prepare for the upcoming week, Kesha has made a habit of asking her Animals what color to dye her hair and then, mere hours later, sharing the results.

A few weeks ago, K. shared a color wheel on her Instagram and then debuted her new blue hue. Last night she asked her Twitter followers what color she should try next. She says she’s a rainbow, and, LBR, she has the evidence to back her claim up.


In the past month she’s totally nailed five different colors. Pulling off an unnatural hair color isn’t easy, but somehow, Kesha has managed to make it look like she was born with green hair. And blue hair. And every other pastel color she tries.


Perhaps the most impressive thing about Kesha’s weekly color change is that there’s no trace of her latest shade—each Sunday her hair appears to be a totally clean, ready-for-color slate.

So, next week, any guesses? She seems to still be very into blues and greens, so will she continue the trend with a different green, or maybe give something like pastel orange a try? We have a feeling we’ll see next Sunday.

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