Things Got Reaaal Dirty At Lollapalooza Day 3 — See The Pics

We're hoping that's just mud.

Additional reporting by Andrew MacLean

CHICAGO, Illinois — Mother nature paid a visit to the Lollapalooza Music Festival Sunday (August 3) afternoon. Although the downpour of rain didn’t affect any of the scheduled performances, it did wreak some havoc on the show’s attendees.

While some people found a s—y hiding spot to stay dry, others embraced the waterworks and the mud it produced. MTV News was amongst the sludge soldiers that weren’t going to let the rain get in their way. Check out some of our findings from the mud covered grounds:

Honey Bucket Hideout

MTV News / Andrew MacLean

Even though the inside of these Porta Potties didn’t look or smell the cleanest (they have been in use for the last 3 days) this festival-goer used the restroom as a safe haven during the storm.

MTV News / Andrew MacLean

And then these guys followed suit …

MTV News / Andrew MacLean

And then so did these girls.

Slidin’ Dirty

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Who needs a Slip’N Slide when you’ve got this?

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Not as successful of a ride as the guys above, but still pretty impressive nonetheless.

Muddy Makeover

MTV News / Andrew MacLean

Here’s his front …

And here’s his back.

MTV News / Andrew MacLean

Dancing in the rain!

MTV News / Andrew MacLean

Grungy guys!

MTV News / Andrew MacLean

Muddy buddies!

Dirty birdies!

These people are definitely going to have to toss their shoes …

While this guy already lost his.

Wake up in the morning feeling like C. Middy.