Meet The Dog Who Helps Run A Bodega In Japan

Very helping. Much cute.

There's a little dog who lives in Tokyo, and as it happens, he also works there. A website called found his story! Even a puppy this cute has to earn his keep!

So he "works" at a little cigarette shop called Suzuki—the equivalent of a bodega—in Japan, opening the window to the store when customers come to buy cigarettes.


And he stands there like he's about to take their order too, which is just the sweetest.

Of course, his owner is the one that runs the shop. But it's unclear whether or not he was trained to do this or maybe just had a knack for customer service!

Plus, he sometimes takes breaks to gleefully munch on his favorite snack: zucchini.

And take naps with his favorite zucchini.

The fact that he looks exactly like the doge meme has only led to our very much so increased happiness with this doggy internet sensation.

Watch him do his thing in the full video below, complete with plenty of exclamations in Japanese. I'm sure they're all remarking on how cute and amazing he is! I wish I could see him in real action—maybe this calls for a trip to Japan?