Taye Diggs Spent His Saturday Night Pole Dancing And Vined The Whole Thing

Ooh la la, Mr. Diggs!

Everyone’s favorite Twitter follower, Taye Diggs, sure does love the pole, it seems. Was he auditioning for the “Magic Mike” sequel? (We wouldn’t hate that, by the way, Soderbergh.) Just having some crazy fun on a typical Diggsian Saturday night? Or maybe he was just fe-el-ing it, eh?

Whatever the reason, bless you, Taye Diggs. For these faces. And those moves. And that one particularly insane stare. Oh and generally being one of the more confounding social media entities of these modern times.

We call this move the Skip And Spin, or, Move That Dope Indeeed:

Embedded from vine.co.