Nicki Minaj Flexes 'Monster' Verse Muscles On Beyonce's 'Flawless' Remix

'The queen of rap slaying with Queen B.'

Maybe Beyonce’s new verses on the "Flawless" (Remix) have gotten more attention so far due to her reference to the now infamous elevator fight between Solange and Jay Z. But let's please not let family drama obscure the fact that Nicki Minaj is stunting all over this track. Let's leave Bey behind for a minute and cut to 2:33 mark please.

Nicki said that we'd soon understand why she pushed back her “Anaconda” date, but a remix of Beyonce's already incredible "Flawless" more than exceeds our expectations. Sure, Minaj always delivers, but she sounds like she's back in "Monster" verse form on this remix.

"You want 'Monster' Nicki in Sri Lanka/I told 'em meet me at the Trump/Ivanka," she closes out her verse, shouting out yet another powerful woman and referencing that infamous Kanye track that helped put her on the map.

She's made it infinitely clear that she'll be marrying her spitfire rapping with the rest of her pop star image on her next record, The Pink Print. And she's also been on a bit of a feminist tear of late, especially when her "Anaconda" artwork came under fire. What better way to fire back than by rapping all over the the biggest pop star's blatantly feminist anthem?

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Comparing her haters to Michael Jackson's inept, convicted doctor, she zeroes in on her recent success: "Tell em winning is motherf--king protocol/Because I score before I even throw the ball." I mean her "Monster" boast "$50K for a verse no album out" is pretty comparable to the way she's been owning the internet without even setting a release date for The Pink Print.

"The queen of rap slaying with Queen B/If you ain't on the team you playing for team D," she continues, before getting even more explicit: "All this a-- on that flawless d--k/Instagram another flawless pic." I guess Nicki and Bey are feeling generous enough to expand the flawlessness beyond women at this juncture.

This song is worth its weight in gold just so we could hear Beyonce say Nicki's birth name "Onika" right before Nicki starts rapping—it gave me chills. Looks like "Monster" Nicki definitely woke up. And she looks ***flawless.