Lorde Promises The ‘Mockingjay’ Soundtrack Will Surprise You

'It blows my mind that this massive studio has just handed the reigns over to a 17-year-old.'

When the news broke that Lorde was going to curate the soundtrack for the first installment of the Hunger Games “Mockingjay” movies, speculation ran wild about who the young New Zealand pop star would choose! In an interview with Billboard at Lollapalooza, she reflected on how much her life has changed since the last Hunger Games movie came out.

“I literally watched the second film (2013’s “Catching Fire”) in a movie theater in New Zealand like a year ago,” she said. “And now I get to curate the soundtrack. It’s crazy.”

We’ve already seen her divergent musical tastes illustrated in plenty of covers like the Tears For Fears song she did for the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack, The Replacements “Swingin’ Party” and her recent take on James Blake’s “Retrograde.” While she didn’t share any specifics, it’s clear that as always, she’ll be handling the business herself.

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