These 14 Ridiculous T-Shirts Shut Down Lollapalooza

We'll have what the Hound's having.

Chicago, IL — The second-most important job of anyone attending this weekend’s Lollapalooza festival in Chicago (besides dancing like everyone was looking) was picking out just the right outfit.

Sure, there were booty shorts and tank tops for days. But nothing said “I’m special” like a totally ridiculous message T-shirt. And so, we give your our 14 favorite ones from the weekend:

Look At His Butt

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

The Hound Wants His F—in’ Chicken

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

That’s Just Mean!

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

We’re Guessing You

MTV News/Rebecca Hartman

Donald Dope

Beats, Not Bombs



MTV News/ Rebecca Hartman

Panda-la Anderson


Dope For Dogs


MTV News/Andrew MacLean

Sweat Is For Suckers

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

Straight Cruizin’