A Tribute To Instagram's Grandma Betty: Her 9 Best Photos

We'll all miss her adorable face and lively spirit.

Instagram's favorite grandma has passed away. The social media savvy, selfie-snapping Grandma Betty succumbed to her 8-month battle with lung cancer last night. She was 80 years old.

Apropos, her death was announced on Instagram, with an image of beloved dog Harley occupying her spot in the rocking chair she frequented. Grab the tissues, folks.

The caption reads: "After a much needed night of rest , Grandma has come to peace with her battle of Lung Cancer. Although Grandma Betty is no longer physically with us, she will forever be in the hearts of the millions of people she touches every single day. Grandma Betty did not lose her battle to cancer, because her legacy she has left behind will inspire millions of people to #Smile, #BeHappy, and #StayHappy no matter what. The fight has ended. The battle is won."

Grandma Betty's (aka: Betty Jo Simpson) account was opened by her 18-year-old grandson Zach Belden shortly after her cancer diagnosis – he wanted to document her life in a unique way. Zach's beloved babysitter took to the technology like a regular teenager, and quickly amassed a huge follower count and legions of honorary grandchildren.

We loved Grandma Betty's zeal for learning and her uplifting outlook on life – in her honor, here are our 10 favorite Grandma Betty snapshots.

1. Getting Schooled in the Selfie Arts

2. The Student Becomes the Master

3. BFFs

4. One Seriously Epic Endorsement

5. The Now-Infamous Blue Tongue Shot

6. Rocky's Got Nothing on This

7. So Meta

8. Leaving Every Other Grandma in her Dust

9. Forever Young

Take a moment out of your day to scroll chronologically through Grandma Betty's 201 Instagram photos – the record is a touching testament to hope, perseverance, family and love. Rest in peace, Grandma Betty.