Jeremy Deputat

How Does Rihanna Stack Up Against Eminem’s Other Guest Stars?

From Elton John to Marilyn Manson, Em sure knows how to surprise his fans.

Eminem definitely knows how to pick his guest stars.

Marshall and Rihanna practically broke the Internet with their performances of “Stan,” "Love The Way You Lie" and "The Monster" during Em's Lollapalooza set, which made us ask: How does Rihanna stack up against Eminem’s past guest stars?

He has a long history of picking out unlikely collaborations and awesome singers. Here's a list of some of the most interesting personalities who've joined Slim Shady on stage.

1. Dido

Dido, of course, is the original “Stan” guest. Producer 45 King sampled Dido’s first verse on “Thank You” for “Stan's” chorus, which became a haunting hook about morning rain and grey skies on the concept track. Dido also joined Eminem in the song's music video, which featured Devon Sawa as "Stan" and Dido even joined Em to sing along in some live performances.

2. Elton John

In 2001, Eminem shocked people when he teamed up with Elton John for a performance at the Grammys. Em and Elton both received backlash from gay rights groups as a result of this duet, but they performed a memorable rendition of "Stan" despite the criticism. This performance has also proven to be a life-changer for Em, as he explained during a 2004 interview with MTV about how this performance impacted him. “I didn’t know he was gay," Em said of Elton in '04. "I didn’t know anything about his personal life. I didn’t really care. But being that he was gay and he had my back, I think it made a statement in itself saying that he understood where I was coming from.” Later, both artists would reveal that Elton John also helped Eminem battle his addiction issues.

3. Marilyn Manson

Since both Eminem and Marilyn Manson are something of outsiders, it made sense when they teamed up for a rendition of "The Way I Am." Especially since the track alludes to how Manson has been a scapegoat for many people when he's been "blamed" for school shootings. This may have been a shocking duet at the time but retrospectively, it makes perfect sense.

4. Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey has performed with Em a ton of times, lending her vocals to several tracks including “I Need A Doctor,” “Survival” and having Em on her own "C'mon Let Me Ride." Interestingly enough, Grey and Em also linked up because of Eminem's Rihanna collaboration "Love The Way You Lie," which Skylar co-wrote. In 2011, Grey told MTV about why she went to Eminem with the cut. From there, their chemistry has shined on with Eminem becoming the executive producer of Skylar's debut album, Don't Look Down.

5. Bruno Mars

Eminem and his Bad Meets Evil brother Royce Da 5'9 met Bruno on stage for "Lighters" in 2011, and the trio also filmed a music video for the song that year. The clip features Em and Royce escaping darkness while Mars does what he does best—pensively plays the piano. This may not be the most likely collab, but with Marilyn Manson and Elton John in the books, can you really be surprised by anything Eminem does?

6. Rihanna

Of course, Rihanna’s also on the list after yet another Eminem duet at Lollapalooza. Rih-Rih and Em definitely have history with "Love The Way You Lie," "Love The Way You Lie 2," and "Numb." It's more than likely this won’t be the last time Rihanna joins Eminem on stage this year, since their Monster Tour begins August 7. Re-live their Lolla performance above and keep your eyes peeled for more duets in the coming weeks.

Which collab do you think was the best? Does Rihanna take the cake? Let us know in the comments.