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These Russian Teens Won Summer By Turning Their Living Room Into A Swimming Pool

A group of boys beat the heat by flooding their own apartment.

By Sasha Geffen

Russia might be known for its brutal winters, but once the weather turns warmer the climate is apparently just as extreme. Luckily, a group of teenage boys came up with a brilliant plan to beat the heat: Turn their entire living room into a swimming pool.

As temperatures spiked into the mid-90s with no beach in sight, a group of friends living in the Oryol region about 200 miles southeast of Moscow decided to take summertime relaxation into their own hands. They wrapped up their walls, floors, and all their belongings in sheets of plastic, then proceeded to flood their former living room, according to the Moscow Times.

Of course, they took pictures of each other swimming through their newly-drenched home, which have been going viral on the Russian equivalent to Facebook, VK.

Presumably to avoid being called out by their landlord for these undoubtedly lease-breaking shenanigans, these guys have kept anonymous despite their newfound internet fame. Names or not, they're sure to go down in history as groundbreaking summertime inventors. Maybe they'll even get to star in their own Russian Baywatch knockoff.