Even Mark Ruffalo Gets Starstruck In The Presence Of Paul Rudd

We are all Ruffalo.

Mark Ruffalo did what any mere mortal would do when he crossed paths with the babelicious king of handsome mountain that is Paul Rudd on a San Diego Comic-Con red carpet: He lost all sense of propriety. I think we can agree that Ruffalo's process of IRL Rudd-worship holds true for every last one of us (GIF magic care of Tumblr user Mayawiig).

Step One: The Stumble-Upon

Step Two: Questioning the Obvious

Step Three: Stating the Obvious in the Form of a Question

Step Four: Shamelessly Gaping (With Maybe a Little Drool, Probably)

Rudd remained blissfully ignorant in trademark cool, calm and retina-scorchingly adorable style – as most super-human handsome charming talented hilarious men are wont to do.

Watch the full video of Rudd dishing about Ant-Man, complete with exquisitely-enacted Ruffalo creepery at 3:12.