Kim Kardashian Stunts On Side Chicks In Hilarious Instagram Of Kanye Sleeping

Kim stays side-eyeing side chicks all day.

Kim Kardashian just posted a selfie of herself next to a still-snoozing Kanye, which would be funny enough on its own. But then she had to go and caption it "Side chicks be like..." and I cannot stop laughing. Or wait, maybe I'm so stunned by how funny it is that I can't even muster a sound.

The infamous couple are in Ibiza along with you know, the rest of the celebrity world, where stuff like Orlando Bloom dancing to "Happy" and trying to punch Justin Bieber in the face is going down.

Along with even more bizarre happenings like Justin Bieber Instagramming Kanye performing "Black Skinhead."

But back to the matter at hand, Kim's epic Insta. Is it a shot at Bieber? He's been on a bit of a rollercoaster when it comes to his dating life, and now that Kim is happily settled, maybe she's mocking this fan-filmed post-hookup video? Or maybe she's just paying homage to Drake's epic ESPY's song that completely centered around the idea of side chicks and/or side pieces? From what I gather the two terms are interchangeable.

Who knows really, I'm just happy this photo exists. When Kanye wakes up, he's either going to be insanely furious or unable to stop laughing, along with the rest of us. Look for some all caps tweets if it's the former.

And people listen, if you don't follow Kim on Instagram at this point, you're doing life wrong.