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Will Drake And Chris Brown's OVO Fest Performance Get Scrapped?

Canada's strict border control policies might squash the reunion.

Come on Canada, you're killing us right now. On our OVO Fest wishlist, we jumped right in, with a Drake and Chris Brown reunion at number one, and it looks like we might've been onto something.

According to TMZ, Breezy was all set to make an appearance at Drake's annual hometown soiree, where they would finally perform together and debut that new collaboration that they were working so hard on in the studio. But, apparently Chris Brown's criminal record might put the kibosh on those plans.

Canada is notoriously strict when it comes to letting persons with a criminal record cross the border -- we saw poor 2 Chainz sulking backstage last year because border control caused him to miss his cameo at OVO -- so this report doesn't sound too far fetched. MTV News has reached out for more information.

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Last year the "Loyal" singer faced felony assault charges, and they were later reduced to misdemeanors. We get it, laws are important, but in this case Canada -- why can't you just let Drake and Chris Brown be great? After that ESPYs skit, we really want to see more.

And, remember when Drake rapped, "Luckily, I’m the greatest my country’s ever seen/ So chances are I get the border to issue me clearance?" If he can do that for a lady, maybe Breezy still has a chance.

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