Trinidad James Lost His Def Jam Deal

The 'All Gold' era is over.

All things must come to an end, but Trinidad James probably wasn't expecting his tenure at Def Jam to end this quickly.

Back in 2012, the Atlanta rapper brought his Gold Gang Records to the label in a $2 million joint venture deal, off the strength of his breakout hit "All Gold Everything," but that didn't hold up.

Early on Saturday morning, he took to Twitter to announce that he had been dropped from Def Jam.

"I should tell yall. I got dropped by the Label. My Album is now free," he tweeted. "If u hear ur beat or verse on it. I hope u want dap cuz i got no money."

Late in 2013, James hit the stage at a show in Brooklyn, and made some comments that definitely got a few New York rappers riled up. “I remember when New York rap was the sh– and us ‘bamas,’ us from the South was like, ‘What the f—?’ And we just did our own thing, but now we run y’all musically," he said to the crowd. "That’s crazy."

Guess that "we," might not include him anymore. Watch the video that started it all below.