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16 Fans Who Will Do Anything To Meet One Direction And 5SOS

They will stop at nothing to meet 1D and 5SOS!

TORONTO, CANADA— It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone when we say that One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer have a die-hard fan base, and we got to see it on full display during the North American kickoff one 1D's Where We Are Tour.

But we wanted to find out just how far some of these Directioners and members of the 5SOSfam would go for a chance to either meet the guys or tell them how much they love them.

We set out at the Rogers Centre to find out what people were willing to sacrifice and what they would do for an up-close and personal encounter with their favorite boys.

What Crazy Thing Would You Do To Meet 1D or 5SOS?

What Would You Give Up?

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What Would You Say!?