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Nobody Has Ever Danced To Lorde Like This Guy Did At Lollapalooza

You are truly the Lorde of the Dance.

Chicago, IL -- We already know that Lorde has some amazing dance moves. She brought the entire arsenal for her main stage set on Friday (August 1) at Lollapalooza. The hair was insane, her body was shaking and quaking all through "Tennis Court," "Team" and, of course, "Royals" and she thanked the massive crowd profusely for showing up.

"This is more people than in my whole town, my whole high school and everyone at the airport in New Zealand... it's really f---ing cool," she said.

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But as much as she moved and flipped her signature forest of hair, I was mesmerized by one Ryan Bartlett, 23, a recent transplant to Chicago from Dayton, Ohio. You see, Ryan is truly the Lorde of the Dance.

Don't believe me? Check this out.

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Either way, Lorde had a blast.

And he wasn't the only one dancing.