This Girl Decided Iggy Azalea’s Lollapalooza Set Was The Perfect Time To Take A Selfie… In A Tree

Really? Really?

Chicago, IL — The packed field at Perry’s Tent for Iggy Azalea was insane during the “Fancy” rapper’s dinnertime set at Lollapalooza on Friday (August 1). The parade of sweaty, exhausted bodies coming over the barricade up front was endless and the gyrating bodies during, “Bounce” felt like they were going to set off an earthquake.

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Iggy gave them what they wanted, with a bit of “F— Love” and “Work,” so nobody had anything to complain about. Except, well, it was almost impossible to get close because the crowd was so thick. So, one enterprising fan decided to climb up a tree near the stage so she could get a better look and snap a… selfie.

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

Yeah, this girl’s friends hoisted her 20 feet up into a tree so she could take a few glamour shots.

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

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If Iggy Had Seen It, She Probably Would Have Been Like…

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

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I'm so fancy.