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If You Cuddle With A Deer It Will Never Leave You, Like, Literally Never

This Bambi look-alike is a stage five clinger.

So, apparently, there's an animal that's clingier than any of us knew. Yup, if you cuddle with a deer it will imprint itself on you and never, ever ever leave you, as one Reddit user found out the hard way.

While that potentially sounds cute, it turns out to be a problem for these foresters who can't get back to work because they're too busy cuddling the deer.

Because when they try to put it down, it YELPS with the ferocity of any craven predator. Just listen for that little baby deer's cry!

And you thought your dog was clingy? A cat is nothing compared to this. Just look at how relaxed the fawn is when he pets its belly—this deer isn't going anywhere. And that tiny little cry! What do you call it when a deer whines? A bark? A quack? The heartbreaking yelp is what really makes the clip.

Looks like this spoiled little deer has these guys right where it wants them. There's going to be a lot of belly-rubbing in their future. What a sweet little dear (groannnn I know, I had to before the post was over!).