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Who's Performing With Drake At OVO Fest This Year?

Drizzy is always full of surprises, so we're dreaming big.

It's that time of year again. OVO Fest is right around the corner, and Drake has yet to reveal what he has in store for the second night of the annual two-day concert. OutKast will headline night one, but who will join Drizzy when he closes out? We have a few guesses.

A Chris Brown Reunion.

Yeah -- we're jumping right in. That photo of Drake and Breezy in the studio together got us all hyped for what music they might be dropping soon. Then they really got us scratching our heads when Chris Brown actually showed up in Drake's ESPYs skit. It got us thinking that the logical next step is for the "Loyal" singer to show up at OVO and make one grand declaration, that the boys are alright!

A Drake vs. Wayne teaser.

The Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour kicks off only four days after OVO Fest wraps, and since Drizzy has been rehearsing with his mentor, what's the problem with giving a lil' teaser? For the fans. It'll only make things easier for them on opening night. Am I right?

Nicki Minaj just being Nicki.

Because: 1. She didn't show up last year, so she's overdue. 2. Drake came through and showed love during her Summer Jam headlining performance. 3. She's been dropping so much new music and we'd like to hear it all live. 4. Why do we even need to explain this one, really?

Burying the hatchet with Kendrick Lamar.

Now we're stretching. There's been a bit of tension between these two ever since that "Control" verse was released. But isn't a complete long shot, considering that Kanye and Drake spent some time throwing subliminal shots back-and-forth at each other for a few years, and then 'Ye showed up at OVO Fest last year to dole out some major praise.

Four things, that's all we're asking for. It's not too much.