'Guardians Of The Galaxy's' Practical Sets Were Incredible AND Thrifty

Find out how they made the Kyln.

One of the many things that sets "Guardians of the Galaxy" apart from its summer movie peers is that it uses more practical, physical sets than the modern blockbuster.

For director James Gunn, having those sets, especially the one for the enormous prison break sequence, made a huge difference.

"The prison in 'Guardians' is called the Kyln," Gunn told us. "The Kyln was an actual practical set composed of 350 thousand pounds of steel. The only way we could afford to build the set was because we went in, we built it, and then we melted it all down and sold it afterwards back as steel."

The extra effort was worth it, according to Gunn, since most summer movies wouldn't have bothered.

"It was an amazing, practical set. I think most movies that you see that are big movies these days use sets like that are almost always green screen," he said. For us, we tried to build as much stuff as we possible could."

"Guardians of the Galaxy" is in theaters now.