More GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your First Time

Let's all relive the awkwardness together with some looped innuendo.

One of the reasons why the internet is such a majestic place is because we can all commiserate on our awful shared human experiences. For instance, the sheer disaster of losing your virginity. Back in February, Reddit users submitted GIFs that summed up their first sexual experiences. The results were all-around hilarious, and included gems like these:

cord Imgur
doorstop Imgur
thirst Imgur

Now we’re bringing you even more first-time metaphorical fails. Because if we’re all going through the awkwardness individually, we might as well laugh about it together, right? Amen.

When you miss your target

button Giphy

When you come on too strong

corkegg Giphy

When you just can’t get the engine running

crash Giphy

When things get floppy

flop Giphy

When you realize you’re gonna need a bigger bed

nope Giphy

When you just can’t find what you’re looking for

straw Tumblr

When you get *this* close

slip Imgur

When you have that “aha!” moment

ohhh Giphy

When you don’t know what’s happening to your body


And when your partner says, “Wow…that was really your first time?!”

iwon Giphy