Dads Of One Direction: 10 Unsung Heroes Of 1D’s ‘Where We Are’ Tour

Seriously, these dads are the best.

TORONTO, CANADA— There were a lot of things that I witnessed at One Direction’s North American kick off to the Where We Are Tour in Toronto, Canada.

There were die-hard Directioners and members of the 5SOS fam who looked like they spent hours working on hand-made signs and t-shirts. There were super-fans crying in their seats listening to their favorite songs, and screams so loud that I’m sure everyone’s ears will be ringing for weeks.

But there was something else in the audience and outside the Rogers Centre Arena that I couldn’t help but notice, and that was the amount of dedicated Dads taking their daughters to see their music icons.

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Yep, One Direction dads flooded the arena putting on a brave face as their daughters, who were too young to attend the concert alone, cheered on in excitement. Some were doing it out of the goodness of their hearts and others seemed to be actual fans.

Let’s meet and get to know some of these 1D dads (and their daughters) and give them a big thank you for making your daughters dreams come true, and maybe in some cases their own!

Brian, Meghan and Taylor


Where Did He Get His Shirt? He Made It Himself!
Favorite Song: “Live While We’re Young”
Favorite Member: “Harry. He’s the badass kid.”

Orlando and Cassandra


One Direction Concerts Attended: 4
Favorite Song: “Midnight Memories”
Favorite 1D Member: Harry because he’s “the funniest.”

Dean, Kennedy & Jenna


Travel Time: 3 1/2 hours from Saskatoon, Canada
How Many One Direction Concerts: First time
Favorite song: “Strong”
Favorite Member: “Louis, he’s funny.”

Brian & Emily


Reason For Attending Concert: Brian got tickets for Emily for her birthday
What He Was Most Excited To See: “Emily’s excitement.”
Favorite Song: “I’ve heard some of the music, it’s not too bad.”

Alan and Sara


Reason For Attending: Sara is a big 1D fan and dad gave the tickets to her for Christmas
What He Was Most Excited To See: “Her reaction”
Favorite Song: “Midnight Memories”
Favorite Member: “Harry, she likes harry.”

Jeff & Jenna


Travel Time: 4 hour plane ride from Calgary
Favorite Member: Dad’s a big 5SOS fan, but Niall is his fav 1D boy because he “seems like a gentlemen.”

Peter and Rebecca


Travel Time: 5 Hour plane ride
Reason For Attending: Tickets were a gift from Santa Claus
What He Was Most Excited To See: “Her smile.”
Favorite Member: “Louis, cause he’s goofy

Wade, Kennedy & Zoe


Travel Time: 4 hour plane ride from Alberta, Canada
How many One Direction Concerts: First time
Favorite song: “Story Of My Life”



One Direction Concerts Attended: 2
What He Was Most Excited To See: “Her reaction.”
Favorite Song: “Best Song Ever”
Favorite Member: “Harry, of course.”



One Direction Concerts Attended: 2
His Reaction: “It’s a high pitched squeal.”
Favorite Song: “Best Song Ever”
Favorite Member: “Harry. I better say him because my daughter would kill me.”

Christina Garibaldi has been an on-camera reporter for MTV News since 2011. When not interviewing or writing about her favorite stars, she keeps herself busy with baby animal videos and boy bands.