'Snack-Off' Host Eddie Huang Takes Us On A Tour Of His Closet

If you haven't been watching Snack-Off, you're missing out. Anyone who has watched even a minute of the show knows that host Eddie Huang has some loud style. Lucky for us, Eddie allowed MTV into his closet to check out his hat and sneaker collections, vintage finds, and more.


I mean, there's a french fry sweatshirt?! Eddie, have you been reading our Food Friday roundups?

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the entire clip is not the room filled with sneakers (or his love of french fries), but his ability to "blind style" his next outfit. Seriously, the dude can pick an enviable outfit with his eyes closed—we've witnessed it and now you can too.

For more Eddie and a possible panda shirt appearance, be sure to watch Snack-Off on Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. EST.