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Emma Stone Continues To Be Fabulous, Taught Woody Allen How To Text

She's magic [in the moonlight].

Today in news that makes us go, "OMG, Emma Stone, we are meant to be BFFFFFFFF," we learned that the actress taught famed director Woody Allen how to text.

Stone starred in Allen's most recent film, the 1928-set "Magic in the Moonlight." Despite the film's long-passed time period, there's no escaping the technology of today. The 78-year-old Allen has a tech-averse reputation, only recently getting an iPhone, which he told the New York Observer his assistant loaded up with jazz albums for him. He listens with headphones when he travels.

"I’m so untechnical," he said. "I don’t have a word processor. I still have my typewriter, the Olympia portable."

Despite Allen's insistence that the smartphone is for jazz and phone calls only, Stone somehow convinced him to pull up the tiny keyboard and tap a few words out at some point.

Start your betting now on what Allen's favorite emoji is. For that matter, place a bet on how you think he pronounces "emoji."

Unfortunately, we won't know unless it comes from the mouth -- or tiny touchscreen keyboard -- of Allen himself. As he says in the profile, "There’s no magic, unfortunately … And there are no psychics."

Uh, spoiler alert? Sheesh.

"Magic in the Moonlight" is in theaters now.