Lucy Hale Designs Hollister Collection, Wants To 'Live In Sweatpants'

Lucy Hale must be really, really good at managing her time, y'all. When she's not acting, Lucy is busy creating a successful second career as a country singer and being the beauty ambassador for Mark. But now, the Pretty Little Liars star can add one more title to her résumé: fashion designer.


The multitasking starlet is the first-ever celeb to create a collection for Hollister, but by the look of her line, you'd never guess that this is Lucy's first crack at fashion design. Of course, being a regular actress on a TV show for which characters never wear the same thing twice—and dress in a style that’s way beyond their teen years—certainly didn't hurt in the inspiration department. But the concept behind Lucy’s collection doesn’t actually stem from Aria’s wardrobe or her country side project—it comes from Southern California. [insert sunglasses emoji here]

In a video teaser for the collection, Lucy talks about how it's based on her laid-back personal style. Fittingly shot at the beach, the first promo image shows Hale wearing a rose-print romper, which she calls her favorite piece. "I'm definitely in a romper phase right now," she says. "I just wanted this collection to feel really carefree and effortless—pieces that you can throw together last-minute to go get coffee and layer it up to go to a party with your friends."


Mission accomplished. The rest of the collection has the same easygoing, SoCal vibe. Lucy put her own spin on her go-to pieces: lightweight T-shirts, oversized cardigans, crop tops, high-waisted skirts, leggings, and sweatpants. "I would live in sweatpants," she says in the video, which is something that 99% of humanity can relate to. Hale's version of sweatpants aren't the kind you'd be nervous to leave the house in: They're fitted with a rose print and paired with a cozy-looking, long-sleeve tee with lace peeking out from underneath.

If you don't live in a place where you can wear rompers year-round, Lucy also came up with a range of cardigans and sweaters to layer up. We're especially loving the throwback '90s vibes of the fuzzy beige sweater, which she pairs with a rose-print dress.

Priced from $20 to $50, the collection includes about 30 pieces, according to Seventeen, and drops August 8. If you want to get a sneak peek before then, text "Lucy" to 743722, and you'll be get access to a secret page with photos and the video teaser.