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Watch Kelli Berglund Build The Perfect Boy Out Of Disney Stars

Berglund picks the best parts of Disney's hottest hunks.

In the Disney Channel Original Movie "How To Build A Better Boy," Kelli Berglund has the opportunity to build the perfect cyborg boyfriend -- which is something that, to be perfectly honest, we've all probably wanted to do once or twice during wedding/prom/general life season. It's hard out there, you know?

However, though her character in the film has a hard time with the local male population at her high school, Berglund -- who also stars on Disney's "Lab Rats" -- knows a lot of really cool, hunky famous dudes in real life. So we at MTV News thought it would be fun to piece together Berglund's favorite parts of these dudes to build a better boy, Disney style.

"His humor, I would say," Berglund said of her "Rats" costar Billy Unger. "I don't know! This is so difficult. He's like my best friend. I would say his humor. And he's a very loyal person, so I would say his loyalty, and his talent."

Find out what Berglund pieced together from more stars, including Ryan Ochoa and Zac Efron, in the video -- and be sure to catch "Build a Better Boy" on the Disney Channel on August 15 at 8 p.m.!