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Who Will Appear On The Lorde-Curated 'Hunger Games' Soundtrack? We Take Some Guesses

In my dreams it's just basically The Cramps, but here are some more informed guesses.

Not only is Lorde contributing a new single (penned with eternal partner Joel Little) to "The Hunger Games: MockingJay - Part 1," she's also curating the entire soundtrack.

We imagine that this experience will be like being given an amazing mixtape by your much cooler friend -- a mixtape that also includes Jennifer Lawrence.

Because the thing is, in addition to writing tunes that gives Dave Grohl hope for the future of music, the 17-year-old also has pretty stellar taste. She wore a Cramps T-shirt on the cover of Rolling Stone, guys. That had me, for one, doing the crusher.

As we wait for the denizens of Lorde's tracklist to be revealed, we made a few guesses ourselves as to who she will include. Check out our list -- informed by a mix of hunches and compelling evidence -- below:

1.) Lo-Fang

Early this year, Lorde took multi-instrumentalist Lo-Fang (a.k.a. Matthew Hemerlein) on tour with her after choosing his track "#88" as one of her top songs of 2013. Lo-Fang's moody, classically tinged jams would make perfect mood music for the "Hunger Games" film.

2.) Majical Cloudz

The next band to hit the road with Lorde will be Canada's Majical Cloudz, of which Lorde said, "If you haven't seen this man perform you are in for an intensely emotional and raw treat," referring to lead singer Devon Welsh. The band's "Childhood's End" sounds like it was written for the "Hunger Games" trilogy.


Fellow Kiwis BROODS got an early nod from Lorde when she tweeted a link to their track "Bridges" back in October. They also work with Joel Little, so we could easily see this quartet of musical minds coming together to do something amazing for the YA smash-turned-movie.

4.) Diplo

Lorde and Diplo are basically old friends by now. The most recent sign of their bond? The DJ remixed "Tennis Court" just the other week. We wouldn't be surprised if one of Diplo's tracks scored some epic fight scene in the deep, dark book.

5.) Taylor Swift

Swift has contributed to the franchise's soundtrack in the past -- and she and Lorde appear to be friends. Maybe she'll make a repeat appearance this time around?

6.) Grimes

Lorde and Grimes are a big old mutual appreciation society -- just check out their respective Twitter feeds. It makes sense that they would eventually work together. We're also salivating for new Grimes jams after hearing "Go," that song she penned for Rihanna (which Rih oddly passed on). Make it happen, Lorde.

7.) David Bowie

Lorde and The Thin White Duke have already met and posed for a glorious photo, after which Bowie (like Grohl) called the 17-year-old the future (if I didn't love you so much, Lorde, I would be glaring daggers so hard right now). And Bowie has also said that new music is on the way... Perhaps said new music is coming in the form of the most mind-blowing team-up since Aladdin Sane danced in the streets with Mick?

8.) Charli XCX

I have a fevered fantasy in which Lorde, Charli XCX, Sky Ferreira and the like just split off from the rest and create their own empire of tunes. I would like to live in that empire, wouldn't you? Let's start with a collab between Lorde and Charli and Jennifer Lawrence.

9.) Nirvana

I mean, why not? Lorde already played with the surviving members at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. Dream big.