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Kim Kardashian Wants To Lose Weight, But Should She Give A F--k?

Also included in this post: inspirational words!

Gone are the days when Kim Kardashian's big butt protruded and she had a waist so thin.

(record scratchhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!)

What am I talking about? Those are still the days! Kim doesn't seem to think so, though. Friday morning (August 1), the reality starlet posted a throwback photo from five years ago, implying that she could bear to lose 20 pounds after reminiscing about "lighter" times.

But hello! You're a human, Kim K -- not a Barbie. Humans are not meant to be static, plastic-perfect beings. You're supposed to change, fluctuate and be dynamic. So you're longing for the person you used to be? Be who you are in this moment.

That said, Kardashian has every right to want to go to the gym and get her workout on. It's great feeling healthy -- as long as you're striving to be your best self today, not yesterday.

Of course, Kim's fans came to her side, getting all Gretchen Weiners on their Regina George. "You are good right now," wrote one Instagram fan, while another echoed her, "I think you're even more gorgeous now."

Yeah, I agree with those fans about Kim's conventionally pretty physique -- as Kanye would say, she's "the most beautiful woman of all time... the top 10 of human existence" -- but I also want to say this: Who the f--k cares?

Be you, Kim Kardashian. If you want to "get back on your grind," get back on your grind. But if you also just want to go play in the water with your baby and live up your life in Mexico, I'd say, go ahead and do that too.