14 Movie BFFs Who Demonstrate The True Meaning Of Friendship

From strictly platonic to oh-so-bromantic, these movie friendships are the best of the besties.

It's National Friendship Day, which means that if you're not platonically hugging it out right now with your very bestest BFF, you are totally doing it wrong.

Today is all about celebrating our friends: The ones who are by our side through thick and thin. The family we're bonded to not by blood, but by bloody marys. The people we'd take a bullet for, but would never, ever, ever have sex with. And in honor of Friendship Day, we're paying homage to these 14 incredible movie friendships, and the lessons they've taught us along the way.

1. Jay and Silent Bob, "Clerks"

A true friend knows when to stay quiet and just let you ramble, rant, or... rap. Badly.

2. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, the "Harry Potter" series

Even if you're the Chosen One, you need a friend to keep you in check when you let it go to your head.

3. Shrek and Donkey, "Shrek"

Friends brunch together.

4. Professor X and Magneto, "X-Men: First Class"

Even when the erotic tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife, you and your best friend can always remain calm, sit on a red velvet daybed, and drink champagne.

5. Gimli and Legolas, the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy

For when friendships start rough, but finish strong at the black gate of Mordor.

6. Frances and Sophie, "Frances Ha"

Best friends always get back together, even if they have to grow apart first.

7. The Black Widow and Hawkeye, "The Avengers"

Because a good friend will hit you hard enough to break you out of your Loki-induced murder fugue.

8. Kirk and Spock, "Star Trek: Into Darkness"

Losing a friend is the only thing that can make a Vulcan cry.

9. Holmes and Watson, "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows"

A friend will forgive you for throwing his wife off a moving train... eventually.

10. Jules and Vincent, "Pulp Fiction"

A good friend will help you get rid of a body.

11. Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, "Heavenly Creatures"

...But a great friend will help you plan the murder.

12. Elliot and E.T., "E.T."

Even if he has to go, your best friend never really leaves you.

13. Kyle and Adam, "50/50"

And no matter what, your best friend only ever wants the best for you.

14. Thelma and Louise, "Thelma & Louise"

But if it's gotta end, then there's only one way you'll go out: together, forever, in a blaze of glory.