Basically Every Movie Ever Was Filmed At This One High School

Class is in session.

Does this gothic facade look familiar? It shouuuuld! This is John Marshall High School, located at 3939 Tracy Street in Los Angeles, and it’s been a go-to location for basically every movie ever made.

From “Pretty in Pink” to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (where it got a temporary upgrade to become “Marshall College”), this institution has starred in more movies than most A-list actors. Below, we round up a few of its best on-screen moments.

“Nightmare on Elm Street”: The bad dream begins here.

In the Wes Craven original that started it all, John Marshall High School is Freddy Krueger’s primo hunting ground. The familiar facade is on display in this scene where the students arrive at school.

It’s where “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

In another 1980s classic, a group of knee-socked schoolgirls (including little teeny tiny Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt) can be seen exiting the school’s front entrance. Crosses were briefly mounted atop the building to pass it off as a Catholic school.

“Can’t Hardly Wait” has its beginnings at Marshall.

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