Five Lessons We Learned From Lauren Conrad And Whitney Port's Teen Vogue Chats

It certainly wasn't just about the fall fashion lines!

Ask anyone with an office job: When the printer's busted, you're behind on expense reports and the big boss is hounding you for a PDF that won't open, insanity is imminent. That is, unless you have a cubicle-confidant to whom you can vent -- and luckily, on "The Hills," Lauren Conrad got one in the form of a modelesque USC student named Whitney Port, and the two quickly became Teen Vogue war buddies.

For three years, the girls were surrounded by the latest designer fashions and advised by the industry's most respected editors. But in the few moments of downtime that came between organizing the shoe closet and taking Polaroids of promising young models, they did away with their pristine veneers and talked like two early twentysomethings would. From trouble with guys to blowouts with friends, there was never a stone left unturned.

Yes, Lauren and Whitney's Teen Vogue office chats taught us more than we expected to learn from a glorified garment closet. Look back at their behind-closed-doors wisdom below, and be sure to tune in to select episodes of "The Hills" from 9 a.m. until noon every day through Friday!

1. Your trainer from the gym probably isn't Prince Charming.

Lauren had trouble finding her romantic footing after breaking up with Jason for a second time, and Whitney was forced to remind her friend that dating is not like getting back on a bike.

2. Men are basically antiquated tech devices.

After a lengthy radio silence, Jason called Lauren and asked her to meet up, and the girls were forced to lament the fact that guys simply have terrible timing.

3. Even fashion isn't always glamorous.

Only minutes after meeting -- and at the end of a workday -- Lauren and Whitney were given their very first task as interns: addressing (by hand) and sending nearly 500 invitations to a Young Hollywood party. The guest list was top-notch. The resultant hand cramps? Not so much.

4. Some friends are better left on the cutting-room floor.

Understandably, Lauren wasn't so upbeat at work the morning after a blowup fight with Heidi, but with some perspective from Whitney, she learned that some bonds just aren't meant to last forever.

5. Naming your child Tiffany or Crystal is an error in judgment.

Apologies to all those who bear the names LC and Whitney frown upon...