A Porter Robinson Video Game? Keep Talking…

The 22-year-old producer says scoring a video game isn't a far-fetched idea.

By Andrew Maclean

It’s hard to imagine that after a decade of producing music, 22-year-old Porter Robinson has not yet contributed his music to one of his dearest passions: video games. The MMORPG enthusiast has attributed the style and influence to the landscapes and sounds of online worlds, but has yet to sync his two great loves as one.

But that’s not to say Porter isn’t trying.

“Of course it’s crossed my mind, the idea of working on a video game soundtrack or something similar," Robinson said when MTV caught up with him ahead of the release of his debut album Worlds on August 12. "I think that indie game aesthetics really, really inspire me... Those games often have a very specific feel and I think it’s a sensibility that’s really inspired how this album kind of works.”

To create Worlds, Porter moved back home to North Carolina to reacquaint himself with all of the games and aesthetics he grew up enjoying. His love and appreciation for video games is shared by his brother, who works within the indie game realm.

“My older brother is totally involved in that world," he said. "He works for an internet/TV company and he reports on games stuff and he’s been super involved in the indie games universe for a while”.

With a large catalog of video-game-inspired music and family working within the industry, it would seem that a Porter Robinson video game soundtrack is inevitable. But the producer has his sights aimed at creating his own visual project, and may have something in the pipeline already.

“I’m more interested in creating some kind of long form media to surround the music that I would have written anyway, so maybe some kind of animation to accompany it,” Porter said. “I mean these are projects that I’ve started in the past and they didn’t turn out how I wanted them to so I shelved them. But I still want to do something like that eventually”.