Chris Pratt Is The Best Dancer In The Marvel Universe (And Ours)

Groove is in the heart, you guys.

Listen. The fact of the matter is thus: Chris Pratt may be the best dancing superhero the Marvel Universe — or heck, any universe, for that matter — has ever seen. In fact those sweet, sweet moves may even aid in his saving of the day in his upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy."

But how does one become the best dancer ever? Is it the moves that make the man, or the man that makes the moves so noteworthy? Is it hours upon hours of practice or simply a natural gift and Fred Astaire air that bestows upon a mere mortal such as Pratt this highly elusive and prestigious honor? Must one know how to soft-shoe 'round the ballyhoo or is to simply Dougie it out for all the world to see enough?

None of that, as it turns out! The key to impressive dance skills is an adept understanding and appreciation of earthly moves circa the late '80s and early '90s. Apparently those were the best years of our planet's life. Who knew? And do we think any of the other Marvel superhero folks are upset that they did not earn such a distinction?

Your move, Tony Stark (and yes, that is a challenge). Your move.