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Keeping Up With Chris Brown's Life After Jail

Breezy's been very active.

Chris Brown was released from jail in early June, and since then he's probably accomplished more than the rest of us have since January. Breezy's been busy doing everything from switching up his hairstyle, to recording new music and playing in charity sports games.

Take a look at what he's been up to over the past few weeks:

Collaborating with everyone.

We know that Ty Dolla $ign was one of the first people Chris called when he was free from jail (to celebrate the success of "Loyal") and since then it seems like he's been in the studio non-stop. He's already been photographed behind the boards with Tyga and Lil Boosie. Fabolous told MTV News that he just wrapped another session with Breezy. And, of course, there's the photo of him and Drake, working on their new "project."

Performing at the BET Awards.

When you’re an extremely talented dancer, apparently a few weeks behind bars won't get you rusty. Brown hit the stage at the BET Awards in late June to perform "Loyal" with Tyga and Lil Wayne, and it was clear that he hasn't lost a single step.

Partying -- obviously.

After performing at the BET Awards, the 25-year-old indulged a bit during the afterparty -- so much, that he could barely walk -- and of course he had to hit up at least one soiree with Justin Bieber.

Extracurricular activities.

Recording music technically doesn't count as staying active, so he's also thrown in some physical fitness, like playing celebrity kickball with the Kardashians and DJ Khaled (who can't seem to keep his pants on while running).

Appearing in Drake's ESPYs skit.

The photo of Breezy and Drake in the studio was surprising enough, but then they got us one more time. The "Loyal" singer made a cameo in Drake's ESPYs skit with Blake Griffin and even showed up live, to prove that everything's all good with them now.

Wearing Pharrell-inspired hats and trying out crazy hairstyles.

Pharrell's Smokey Bear hat isn't out of style just yet. Breezy is the latest celebrity to rock a similar version of the now-infamous accessory, and when he takes his hat off, he's got a 1930s-inpsired 'do to show off.

Buying pets worth $3 million?

Breezy didn't confirm that he's actually keeping these dogs, but if he is, they're worth a pretty penny. In an Instagram video he showed off two Tibetan mastiffs, worth $1.5 million each. No big deal.

Shmoney Dancing out in St. Tropez.

Since he's been working so hard, it looks like he decided to take a little boys trip out to the South of France. Yachts plus the Shmoney Dance, equals the perfect vacay?