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See The One Trend Miley Cyrus Can't Pull Off

Baby buns. Bleached eyebrows. Leotards and pasties galore. Miley Cyrus has hopped on pretty much every fashion and beauty bandwagon of the past few years, and let's be real—she's rocked them all. Sure, she causes an interwebz riot every single time she debuts a new look, but she always takes the IDGAF route. However, there might be one trend that is SO crazy, SO outrageous, SO unheard of, even Miley can't pull it off—PURPLE LIPSTICK!


JK, purple lipstick is actually one of the more accessible tools in Miley's beauty arsenal, but the singer begs to differ. She shared an Instagram shot of herself working a bold plum lipstick, writing, "I can't personally pull it off but it's a cool color." We agree with the second part, but c'mon Miley. You've pulled off looks 1000 x's trickier than this.

In fact, Miley is now officially a member of the *elite* Purple Lips Club (fellow members include Lorde, Joan Smalls, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez, among others). So chin up, Smiley! Keep rocking that mauve mouth—and OWN it next time.