This Guy's Epic Roof Jump Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Watch this GoPro footage of Ethan Swanson's crazy-ass stunt.

OMG. Ethan Swanson has straight upped the daredevil game. He's a social media stuntman with a resume filled with things that would make most of us s--t our pants. As I watched his latest video, I kept telling myself, "Deep breath, deep breath."

As Swanson walks onto this roof, the anticipation is nerve-racking. There seems to be no possible landing point, and then...well, watch for yourself:

Right? Right?!

Swanson is no one trick pony either. His mix of parkour and free falls, combined with real deal athleticism (see his "American Ninja Warrior" submission) makes him a GoPro dream. If the above roof jump doesn't get you, check out his crane hang for a guaranteed anxiety attack: