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Uncle Jesse Finally Acknowledged A Lovelorn 'Girl Code' Star -- And The World May Never Be The Same

At long last, trucker-mouthed Jessimae Peluso caught the attention of her crush, John Stamos!

Let this be a lesson: If at first you don't succeed (in matters of getting the attention of "Full House" dreamboats via social media), try, try again...

"Girl Code"'s proudly lewd comedienne Jessimae Peluso, who's been pining after John Stamos for months on Twitter, finally got the attention of her dream Greek with a fittingly filthy message she sent last week.

And Stamos, who couldn't deny Peluso's cheeky advances any longer, actually responded yesterday. ARE THOSE WEDDING BELLS WE HEAR?!

And if there was any doubt that Peluso would make a loyal and adoring wife, here are some choice tweets she's sent to her one-and-only: