Gaga? Miley? Beyonce? 9 Times Katy Perry's 'This Is How We Do' Gave Us Pop Music Deja Vu

This video's giving us major flashbacks.

Have you watched Katy Perry's brand-new video for "This Is How We Do" yet? The eye-popping Joel Kefali-directed clip sees Katy relaxing poolside, modeling Mondrian, and nomming on watermelon -- and I'm getting major pop-music déjà vu every step of the way.

Although the 29-year-old singer was accused of style-jacking other pop stars like Brooke Candy and Lady Gaga while promoting the video for the Prism single this week, I'm not entirely convinced that's the case. I mean, do you honestly think that Katy Perry or Brooke Candy "invented" baby hair and thick braids?

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Besides, for all we know Katy's pulling a Lily Allen and trying to be all #meta with her oeuvre. Or maybe it's all just a big coincidence. Her ARTPOP could mean anything, after all. Wait, wrong person.

The point is, Katy's "This Is How We Do" video is full of pop references -- whether she meant it to be or not. From Gaga and Miley to Beyoncé and Iggy, here's what I found. Did I miss something crucial? Let me know in the comments.

1.) First things first, that ice cream truck and high ponytail are bringing me back to Iggy Azalea's "Pu$$y" video.

2.) Watch the artRave throne, Lady Gaga.

3.) That goes for Miley Cyrus and her 2013 VMA foam finger, too.

4.) Katy's a grown woman. She can wear whatever Beyoncé wig she wants.

5.) Tell 'em das who? Tumblr's favorite rapper, Brooke Candy.

Capitol, RCA

6.) It's like Nicki Minaj went down to Lorde's table-tennis courts to talk it up like yeah.

7.) Mmmmmmmmm, FKA twigs.

8.) I think you got this one.

9.) And of course, there's this obvious reference to world-famous Italo Disco icon, Pizzarina di Bellissima.*

* OK, that's just Pizza the Hut from Mel Brooks' "Spaceballs."