Seattle Cop In Trouble For Making Too Many Pot Busts

He issued 80% of the city's public smoking citations -- and now he's in hot (bong) water over racial profiling.

Meet the Judge Dredd of the Pacific Northwest. Even though Washington state legalized marijuana in 2012, it's still forbidden to use it in public view -- and a Seattle police officer went on a one-man crusade so extreme, he's been suspended from patrol.

The officer, whom the local CBS affiliate identifies as Randy Jokela, single-handedly wrote 66 of the city's 83 public use citations in 2014. And according to KOMO News:

"About 36 percent of those cited were African Americans, who are 8 percent of Seattle's population according to the 2010 census. About 46 percent of those ticketed told police they lived in a homeless shelter, transitional housing or had addresses associated with homeless services."

The Seattle Police Department's Office of Professional Accountability is now investigating the officer's behavior. Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole told reporters that he considered voters' decision to legalize pot "silly," and would even make suspects flip a coin to decide which of them got cited, with one of his reports explaining:

"(Suspect) lost the coin flip so he got the ticket while the other person walked. (Suspect) was allowed to keep his pipe."

Chief O'Toole said that she's committed "to ensuring transparency in the Seattle Police Department's law enforcement practices." In response, we'd like to think the officer muttered, "Kathleen O’Toole is not the law...I AM THE LAW."