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Rihanna Gets 'Angry' With A Fan, But It's Rih-lly NBD

Why the singer has every right to get frustrated.

There's a video that's popped up online purporting to show Rihanna getting "angry at a fan" for wanting to take a picture. What a diva, amirite?

Actually, nope -- I am not rite at all.

The clip was recorded on the night of July 29, when the 26-year-old artist was making her way through New York's JFK International Airport after flying in from a Monster Tour rehearsal with Eminem in Detroit. And after watching the footage, I've decided that not only was Rihanna totally in her right to get "angry," but she wasn't even that "angry" at all.

See for yourself! Watch the clip below.

Why would Rih possibly snap in this situation? Well, think about how sunny your disposition is every time you fly. Now, couple all that air travel bullsh-t (no leg room, flight anxiety, uncomfortable seats, baggage claim, terrible coffee, inflight bathrooms designed for ANTS) with a sea of blinding flashbulbs, and you've got a recipe for boiling over.

Not that the "Pour It Up" singer necessarily boiled over, in this case.

All that she's recorded saying to the man hounding her with his phone is, "Give me a minute, all right?" followed by a bleeped-out expletive. That's a far cry from what I'd yell at someone who'd been following me up a flight of stairs, inches away from my face, trying to get a picture of my completely non-camera-ready, post-plane face.

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Had this man paid admission to engage with Rihanna? Was this an official meet and greet with the star? (Sidebar: I need to witness a Rihanna meet and greet before I die.) No, so she was under no obligation to act like it was under the circumstances.

TL;DR: A fan got too close to Rihanna, and she told him to back off. Worse things have happened. Rih-lly.